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Our Approach:


We believe that caring, dependable relationships—having a team of people in your corner—is the way forward for family stability. Pregnant women and single mothers facing homelessness or crisis need us to SHOW UP with housing and a supportive community. We give practical support, advocate for mothers’ goals and dreams, offer encouragement when life feels overwhelming, and celebrate strengths and milestones!


Our Mission

ESTHER Homes exists to come alongside pregnant women and single mothers experiencing homelessness or crisis by providing transitional housing and access to resources for family stability within a community of support.

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Our Story


ESTHER Homes began in July 2015 with the commitment of two women to move into a space larger than what they needed for themselves and come alongside mothers facing homelessness or crisis. Since opening the doors to pregnant women and single mothers, we have had the opportunity to live alongside inspiring women and children and create a community of hope, laughter, and support. The home is a place for mothers to lean in when they need practical help for needs such as transportation or childcare. It is a place to play and bond with their children. It is a place for mothers to launch out as they grow in new skills like budgeting and time management, all while saving money each month to fund long-term dreams of college, housing, and more. These mothers take courageous steps to achieve goals that will change their families’ future.

ESTHER Homes opened a second location in Eden Prairie, MN in July 2018 to provide a home for more single mothers and pregnant women in times of crisis in their lives.

The heart of our homes is to provide an environment for women to encounter Love! We pray and believe that the power of Love and a community of support will give them courage to stand up and take those brave steps needed to help them rise out of their current situation and poverty.

From our home [ESTHER Homes] to yours,

Amber Hornsby and Rachel Hanus




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Our Programs

our homes offer social support and services to create a stable environment for single mothers while they aquire job training and work experience, further education, save money, grow as mothers, and work towards long-term housing.


Holistic and Social Support

We provide a safe space for women and children to live, play, and sleep. Our staff live alongside families to create a community and offer positive social support to families during their time in the home and after they graduate.


pregnancy and parenting support

We provide education and tools during pregnancy and the first years of parenting. Our Director of Basic Needs is a nurse midwife who is available to answer questions and speak directly with mothers throughout pregnancy. We believe in rest, self-care, and play for moms and children as part of a trauma-informed approach. Women are encouraged to take advantage of two-generational resources such as home visiting and Early Childhood and Family Education.


Resources, accountability, and life skills

Each woman in our program sets long-term goals for herself and her family. House staff meet weekly with each woman to inform her of resources, make referrals, or develop life skills to help her achieve her goals. Each home shares a meal once a week and holds a discussion or class to develop life skills like communication, financial literacy, nutrition and cooking, and more. 


Transitional assistance

For single mothers, consistency makes stability possible. Esther Homes’ staff come alongside families by offering crisis childcare and transportation assistance to employment, prenatal care, therapy, etc. Transitional services create a stable environment where women can set and work towards long-term goals. 


October 2017

”You guys keep pushing me along when all I want to do is give up. You keep being there.”

Quote / ESTHER Homes Mama



Conversations, celebrations, games, shared meals and life happen around the table in the homes. We believe there is a space at the table for everyone to come, be a part of the community and embrace the support offered. Learn more about the different opportunities to engage and come alongside of ESTHER Homes!


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ESTHER Homes is not just another program or resource in the Twin Cities. While we offer resources and transitional housing, we believe in coming alongside of each mother and child during their time in the home, through their transition out and on to the next steps in their journey!

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ESTHER Homes is funded through committed monthly donors and fundraising events. Be a part of the community by financially partnering with ESTHER Homes and providing a safe space for mamas and kiddos in our community!


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