Housing + Support:


HOUSING program:

ESTHER Homes is a transitional housing program for pregnant women and single mothers facing crisis or homelessness. We recognize that each family will need different resources and support to achieve their future goals and long-term stability; length of stay varies by family. Families have their own room and access to live-in staff support while they acquire job training and work experience, further education, save money, grow as mothers, and work towards long-term housing.

Program Requirements:

Women must be 18 or older. They must be working, in school, and/or enrolled in a certificate/training program for a minimum of 20 hours a week. Women in the program are required to contribute 30% of their income each month to a savings program.

Due to the limited space in the homes, we accept:

  1. Pregnant woman

  2. Pregnant woman + 1 Child up to the age of 7 years

  3. Parenting mother with 1 Child up to the age of 7 years


Eden Prairie, MN

St. Paul, MN

Support offered within our housing program:

Holistic and Social Support

Life-changing moments don’t always happen by appointment. Encouragement, laughter, and problem-solving may take place across the kitchen counter. Esther Homes staff live alongside families to create a community and offer positive social support during families’ time in the home and after graduating the program. Our homes also provide natural opportunities for mothers to encourage and support each other.


Accountability, Resources, and life skills

Our commitment to coming alongside mothers means meeting each woman where she is at. Each woman in our program sets long-term goals for herself and her family. House staff hold weekly meetings with mothers in our program to educate on resources, make referrals, or help women develop life skills in support of their goals. On-site computers and information on 150+ programs means mothers can work towards their future without having to arrange transportation or childcare. 

Each home shares a meal once a week and holds a discussion or class to develop life skills like communication, financial literacy, nutrition and cooking, and more.


Pregnancy and Parenting Support

Women enter into ESTHER Homes either pregnant or already parenting. Pregnant women who are homeless are less likely to receive early and consistent prenatal care, in part due to transportation issues (ZERO TO THREE, 2019). Our staff meet this need by providing transportation to and attendance (if desired) at prenatal appointments and help women navigate decisions around their birth experience.

We provide education and tools during pregnancy and the first years of parenting to build upon what is learned in prenatal care. Our Program Director is a nurse midwife who is available to answer questions and speak directly with mothers throughout pregnancy. Our staff have been trained on topics around pregnancy and postpartum support, and we encourage families to connect with doula services, evidence-based home visitors, Early Childhood and Family Education, WIC, and other two-generational programs.

We believe in rest, self-care, and play for moms and children as part of a trauma-informed approach. We take families on semi-annual retreats to create memories and cultivate a healthy bond between mother and child during a time of transition. Identifying and healing the effects of trauma or crisis is part of long-term family stability.


Transitional Assistance

For single mothers, consistency makes stability possible. One bad moment—a sickness, lost work hours, a car break-down—can lead to crisis, such as missed rent or even homelessness. Esther Homes’ staff come alongside families by offering crisis childcare and transportation assistance to employment, prenatal care, therapy, etc. Transitional services create a stable environment where women can set and work towards long-term goals.


30% Savings program

Each resident is required to save 30% of their total monthly income. Each resident will receive a receipt for personal records and to track her savings to put towards long-term goals like a security deposit, a reliable vehicle, and more! This is a savings program—not rent—and the full amount is returned to resident upon transitioning out of the home.

Reasons for the ESTHER Homes 30% Saving Program:

1. It helps prepare mothers financially for future: deposit, first month rent, moving expenses, etc.

2. It helps develop budgeting skills and planning for rent payments

3. It allows ESTHER Homes to speak on mothers’ behalf when speaking to future landlords

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